GHCNHSFT Flu Clinics


Drop-in flu vaccination clinics for GHCNHSFT staff


Drop-in flu vaccination clinics, open to all Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust staff (regardless of where they are based) will be held at Rikenel, Gloucester on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday between 9.30am – 2.30pm.

The Trust also has lots of Peer Vaccinators based in many of their locations, so you can also contact them to get an ‘ad-hoc’ jab!  See details of Peer Vaccinators here

The following are drop-in clinics for all staff working at these locations only. Please don’t ‘drop in’ unless you work there. Find more information about our Trust sites and locations here: Our locations > Glos Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust (

If you have had your jab at the pharmacy, your GP surgery or privately please let us know here

08-Dec Thursday Cirencester Hospital Cirencester 10:00-15:30
09-Dec Friday Rikenel Gloucester 09:30-14:30
12-Dec Monday Rikenel Gloucester 09:30-14:30
12-Dec Monday Dowty Gloucester 10:00-12:00
12-Dec Monday Invista Gloucester 12:00-14:30
13-Dec Tuesday Dowty Gloucester 10:00-11:30
13-Dec Tuesday Invista Gloucester 11:30-13:00
14-Dec Wednesday Invista Gloucester 12:00-14:30
14-Dec Wednesday Rikenel Gloucester 09:30-14:30
15-Dec Thursday Invista Gloucester 13:00-15:00
16-Dec Friday Dowty Gloucester 10:00-11:30
16-Dec Friday Invista Gloucester 11:30-14:00
16-Dec Friday Rikenel Gloucester 09:30-14:30