Health Surveillance Services

Working Well will see to it that your business meets and maintains all the latest health and safety legislation with regards to work-related health risks.

We can help employers to identify and monitor workforce health-related risks. We also provide data to inform remedial action, if required. This way, employers can be confident their health risk management systems are working effectively.

Working Well provides effective monitoring and assessment for Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), Audiology and Spirometry assessments along with workstation assessments. We will work with your internal Health & Safety teams in order to carry out a range of assessments so that we can help you to identify potential risk areas and ensure employees are reassessed at appropriate intervals.

As part of a Health Surveillance programme, Working Well will help an employee to:

  • detect ill-health effects at an early stage, so employers can introduce better controls to prevent them getting worse
  • provide data to help employers evaluate health risks
  • enable employees to raise concerns about how work affects their health
  • highlight lapses in workplace control measures, therefore providing invaluable feedback to the risk assessment
  • provide an opportunity to reinforce training and education of employees (e.g. on the impact of health effects and the use of protective equipment)

Please contact us if you are interested in using Working Well services.