Counselling can be an informal, yet highly effective way of sorting out problems before they become unmanageable. It provides a safe, consistent space for a qualified and experienced counsellor to support you and explore anything you might be finding difficult or that is causing you concern or distress. The service is paid for by your Trust for use by individual members of staff or staff groups. The service is also available for immediate family members as well.

You can self refer as follows:

²gether NHS Foundation Trust employees – call Working Well on 01452 894480 (8:30 – 16:30) or email and say you want to book some counselling sessions. The receptionist will take your contact details and discuss your availability; you need to commit to 7 appointments at the same time and day every week for 7 weeks. The receptionist will not ask why you want to come. Find out more about counselling for Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust here.

Gloucestershire Care Services employees – please call Care First on 0300 4228523 (24 hours)

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – visit the Health Psychology and Staff Support page on the intranet or ring 0300 422 8523 or complete the online referral form.